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About HELIOS Green

Quantity, relevance and accessibility of important informations at the moment when you need it, determinate the success of your strategic decisions. HELIOS Green is enterprise information system, which just provides you such informations. It is designed for medium and large companies, which are seeking integrated information system, easily adaptable to specific needs of the company. Comprehensive information system HELIOS helps you to orientate in the world of company informations.

Branch solutions HELIOS Green

HELIOS Green also includes specialized modules forming, called Branch solutions. So, you just need to choose one of the ready branch versions without the need for costly development of custom software.

    FrameLytic – Intelligent video surveillance system

    Energy – solution for companies engaged in production, distribution and sale of energy

    HelpDesk – solution for managing and tracking service tasks and activities

    Media – solution designed for Media companies

    Utility – specialized solution for Water companies

    Filing – complex registry management solution

    Technical information system – a specialized body for comprehensive support and maintenance of emergency system

HELIOS Green also covers other industry solutions, for example automotive, food processing, wholesale and retail, transporting and forwarding, security agencies. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be glad to provide you detailed informations on these solutions.

What is Helios Green like ?


Easily adaptable to all your company needs. Promote not only economic processes, but also many others. There is no longer need of any records on paper or in computer files, everything is happening directly in the system. In the complex Helios Green information system you can for example record ordered business cards or anything else. And thanks to its maximum adaptability costly development to create a wide variety of functions is not required. Everything can be easily managed by system administrator in your company. In addition - although with its big extent - Helios Green adapts its configuration for every user, to provide adequate easy and comfort.

Open and compatible

The ability to "comunicate" with other szstems is maximal in the case of Helios Green. So, you gain guarantee that communication inside your company, with your business partners and state authorities will respect technological and Slovak legislative standards as well as EU membership standards. Helios Green information system supports technologies, which work with other types of software (XML, EDI etc.). System is ready for both single and permanent communication with other systems.


Helios Green information system is developed in close cooperations with Microsoft company and with great attention to its standardization. It is integrated with range of standart Microsoft applications and respects the Slovak legislation and international standards. Customer obtains assurance, that this information system will be exploitable long-therm and suitable for future development.

Technologicaly advanced

Helios Green information system is developed in multilayer architecture client/server and uses Microsoft SQL Server technology. This, among other things, allows to optimize orders also for large customers. Remote workspaces support and internet access to the system are parts of information system. Helios information system uses modern platform Microsoft.NET, which brings entirely new opportunities to business system generating, principally in the areas of integration with other applications, system security of data communication. Helios Green informations system is open to external technologies. It is able to use web services for example and it is ready to present informations on the extranet, internet of web portals.


Helios Green information system dispose of an elaborate system of data access. Sccess rights can be exactly define, what allows you to monitor events in the system and generate security protocols.

Containing Branch solutions

Enterprise information system Helios Green is a unique softeare in terms of specialized solutions generating. Its own development core allows to create new modules and functional units. Thanks to this option, years ago, the peerless project Helios Green Open was born. Within this project network of union partners was formed who provides methodical assistance in developing wide variety of branch system specializations, called Branch solutions.

omplex system Helios Green is able to work in multiple languages. Thanks to selected procedure, all messages depending on language are saved separately from program code and forms definitions, reports and templates. This solution allows to apply translation into other languages easy.

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